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Best Wishes

by | 28th, January 2005

‘DESPITE their obvious love for one another and bejewelled hand-in-glove compatibility, newlyweds Melania Knauss and Donald Trump might not make it.

”Aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be yellow?”

For proof of how wrong it can go, they need look no further than to the case of George and Alex Best, who met, shared a drink or ten, married and saw their love, like George’s abused liver, wither and die.

Now no longer an item, Alex is talking of feeling ”reborn” as she talks candidly to Hello! about her life, her love and her nascent TV career.

”Even though I knew his track record where drink and women were concerned,” says Alex, ”I still thought our marriage was going to be made in heaven – every newlywed does. I saw us being together forever.”

But we rarely see ourselves as other do. If we did, then why on Earth would Alex have chosen to conduct a section of the interview dressed in a leopard-print chiffon dress while draped over a leopard print sofa?

But like love, the click of the showbiz magazine’s camera shutter can make you blind to the obvious.

And so we have Alex in a pair of brown cowboy boots, green dress and what for all intents and purposes looks like a huge furry tongue tied around her neck. Perhaps kissing it reminds her of being with George?

But since finding her former husband in bed with another woman – ”It just goes to show what they say about leopards not changing their spots” – Alex has been spreading her wings.

She’s dated Howard Kruger, glamour mod-el Jordan’s uncle, and for the past two months has been stepping out with Crystal Palace football club chairman, Simon Jordan.

”One day I’d like to be married again, to the most gorgeous man, and have three wonderful children, a house in the country and a penthouse in town so I can go shopping,” says Alex of her plans.

But in the meantime, a good divorce settlement from husband No. 1 will keep her on track…’

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