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A Circus Freak

by | 28th, January 2005

‘WE are not unnecessarily cruel here at Anorak Towers. But one of our number, who shall remain nameless, has uttered a joke at another’s expense.

As nature intended?

In response to Jackie Stallone’s claim that she has never had plastic surgery, this shallow-minded cove uttered: ”Well, go and get some.”

Those words were as hard for the rest of us to swallow as it is for Jackie to push peas into her fulsome mouth, a trick she performed to a stunned world during her recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

But it did get us thinking, and we now say that if she has not had surgery then, given its prevalence and accepted status among the Hollywood elite, she might consider getting some.

And she has already dipped her elegant toe in the water and admits that her look is not all natural but aided by chemical face peels and acupuncture.

And when we read that when aged 15 Jackie ran away from home and joined the circus in New York, we see a kind of symmetry to her life.

But before she rejoins the big top, and contorts her bigger lips, heavily made-up face and orangey hair into the look of a clown, Jackie wants to give the story of that life.

To summarise, it is a composite blend of four husbands (she’s still married to No.4), one son, one daughter, a keen interest in chemical peeling, a gift for astrology and a desire not to reveal her true age.

But she was by her own admission ”born some time ago”. When plastic surgery was in its infancy…’

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