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by | 31st, January 2005

‘AS an example of woolly thinking, the proposal that pacifist taxpayers should not have to contribute to defence spending is right up there with the best.

Mary’s tampons were the talk of the town

That hasn’t stopped shadow chancellor Oliver Letwin putting his name to the idea, by which conscientious objectors’ tax is spent on “peace-building initiatives” instead.

But for truly woolly thinking we must turn to the Guardian, which reports that knitting has become “a politically engaged, radical art form”.

According to Shane Waltener, who is apparently making a site-specific web-like piece embedded with a text from the French semiotician Roland Barthes, “by knitting you are resisting capitalism and consumerism”.

“You are not responding to the fashion industry,” he says. “You are making your own decisions. I really do believe this. If more people knitted, the world would be a more peaceful place.”

And there would be more than enough scarves to go round…’

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