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Smoke Screens

by | 1st, February 2005

‘MICHAEL Jackson is not the only singer making the news today as the Star fills us in on the life and times of Brian McPadding.

Drippier than Kerry’s lettuce

News is that Brian and his new girlfriend, the drippy Delta Goodrem, have been having “blazing rows” over his 40-a-day cigarette habit.

Luckily for Brian he’s not with Jackson in California, where anyone caught in possession of tobacco is taken to a small desert town and shot in the lungs.

But that still doesn’t mean he escapes entirely, as the Star hears the Australian singer say that “smoking is the one thing that could split us up”.

But while we think of other things that could end their love affair (his children; a falling out of their agents; poor record sales), the Sun says that he’s been to meet Delta’s parents.

”It was like the film Meet The Fockers,” says Brian. “It was pretty much like the movie.”

Right…so it was scripted and all an act?

But we don’t get to hear the answer because later in the Sun all we can hear are boos and catcalls as Bri and Delt take to the stage in Dublin.

As they performed their duet Almost Here, fans chanted “Kerry, Kerry”, a reference to Brian’s former wife whom, as legend has it, he dumped for Delta.

As a “source” says: “Kerry is popular. It must have been very uncomfortable for Delta.”

Especially in those “I SUPPORT MICHAEL” knickers…’

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