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by | 1st, February 2005

‘WE do not know how OK! managed it but it surely is a scoop that of all the magazines in the world, Jennifer Aniston chose to talk to it about her marriage to Brad.

Brad has heard it all before


This interview promises to be so juicy that the cover should come with a free complementary towel.

So, wearing rubber gloves, goggles and an apron, we open up the august publication and turn to the trumpeted feature. Once there, we read the preamble, which includes the invaluable news about how Brad and Jen have gone their separate ways.

This we already know. But OK! likes to set the scene, so it also tells us how Jen comes from a broken home, how she’s had trouble with her mother and how she is 35-year old – all facts that prime us for the revelations to come.

And straight away, our wide eyes get sprayed with new facts. We learn that Jen thinks “there is a lot more pressure on Hollywood marriages”.

We hear that for life decisions, Jen listens to her heart – “but I go with my gut initially”.

Having gained Jen’s trust and relaxed her into a state approaching catatonia, OK! asks: “Did you pray for happiness when you were a child?”

Genius! Like us readers, Jen was in no way expecting that one.

Surely she was steeling herself to field a question like: “Did he shag Angelina?” “Is he gay?” “Is it true about you and Jamie Oliver?”

But ever the professional, Jen has an answer ready and says that she’s “sure I was happy if I remember correctly. I wasn’t real happy, but I wasn’t unhappy”.

Right. Yep. We hear you, Jen. And so does OK!, which is ready and poised to ask the big one: “What do you do when someone follows you in your car?”

Hmmm. Well, if someone follows you in your car it’s probably your driver coming to pick you up, or a car thief taking the piss.

But Jen has a surprise answer.

“I’ve done everything from saying: ‘Okay, come with me to the supermarket!’ [Laughs]. ‘It’s going to be a lot of fun for you. I’ve also driven to the police department.”

That’s just great, Jen. And…

But, sadly, there is not time for anything more. This exclusive interview ends before we can find out the truth about Jen and Brad.

And what he does when he’s followed by someone in his car…’

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