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Sicky Vicky

by | 1st, February 2005

‘HANDS up, who wants to “DETOX WITH CAROL”.

”Can I have a stomach pump please, Carol?”

For those of you who answered “Yes”, stuck your hand in the air of just grunted, here’s what you do. You must adhere to Carol Vorderman’s “DETOX RULES.

These rules are: “Do not count calories”; “Do not weigh yourself”; “Drink lots of water”; “Never go hungry”; Take supplements, like alphalipoic acid, milk thistle and spirulina; “Use a dry skin brush every day”; and “Do exercise every day.”

Follow that lot to the letter and in just 28 days you too could achieve that sucked-in-cheeks look so favoured by Carol.

Alternatively, if you fancy a good purge, OK! tells us that Victoria Beckham is mulling over the idea of posing naked for the cameras.

Why she wants to do this is not entirely clear, but she is thinking about it.

And thinking about that, makes us want to detox in the most tried and tested manner imaginable.

One that will take a mere 28 seconds, rather than days…’

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