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Drawing The Line

by | 2nd, February 2005

‘TAMMY’S clearing away the plates, Jamie’s opening another bottle of Merlot and Matt’s racking up a line of Charlie for everyone.

”I’m worried that the rising housing market will drive away the dealers”

Just another Islington dinner party you might think, but suddenly there’s a commotion and an intruder bursts through the door.

Tammy screams. Jamie reaches for his Grey Nicholls and tries to remember how to perform a square cut. And Matt wraps himself around the new arrival’s legs.

But stop – this is no burglar. It is Sir Ian Blair, the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who has decided to make tackling middle-class drug use his top priority.

“People think it is okay to use cocaine,” he tells the Times as he settles into his new office. “It’s becoming socially acceptable.

“People are having dinner parties where they drink less wine and snort more cocaine. I don’t like that.”

We at Anorak are of course against drug use of any sort, although we have long suspected Old Mr Anorak of putting amphetamines in our tea to keep us going into the wee small hours.

But we might humbly suggest that there are better uses of police resources than raiding dinner parties to make sure that people are getting their wine-cocaine ratio right.

Hell, they might even try and catch a criminal one of these days.’

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