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C.O.D. Rowe

by | 2nd, February 2005

‘THE search to find the real Michael Jackson goes on today, as the Mail spots the singer in a frying pan.

Jackie and Old Mr Anorak in happier times

“We had only had the pan for about a year,” says Juan Pastrano, a gravel pit worker from Texas.

“We just cook eggs and things in it, but it was only when it was hanging up with the others that we saw the face.”

Oddly, however, Mr Pastrano thinks this face scratched into the pan’s Teflon coating resembles that of Jesus Christ.

But we suspect otherwise and instead see the ghoulish visage of the beleaguered Jackson.

However, no sooner has he been spotted than he is gone – out of the frying pan and perhaps into something of a fiery rage as he reads the Mail’s other news that the prosecution’s star witness in his trial will be his second wife.

Former nurse Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson’s two oldest children, seven-year-old Prince and six-year-old Paris, has agreed to testify against her second husband.

But her reasons for doing so are, apparently, less based on a desire to see justice done and more down to plain old revenge.

The Sun reports in its front-page story (“KNIFED BY THE WIFE”), that Jackson has recently stopped his £600,000-a-year payments to her.

And what’s more, if Jacko goes down, Debbie will surely stand more of a chance of securing custody of those two children, as it was her desire to take back control of the kids that made Jacko turn off the $1m stipend.

So much for the whys and wherefores; now what about the whos and wheres?

It might not be time to hear the details just yet, but the Sun says that, when it does come, Rowe’s testimony could be dynamite.

Indeed, hearing what it’s like to be married to Jacko could be explosive enough to blow our spangled, glittery socks right off.

But let us not get too carried away. First, how much stock can be placed in Rowe, a women who agrees to marry and then have children by Jackson?

And then how do we know if it’s really him that she was married to?

With so many of Jackson’s look-alikes and off-cuts around, Rowe could have been no more married to the original article than she could to the image of a long-haired man on the base of a frying pan…’

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