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For Pete’s Sake

by | 2nd, February 2005

‘IT’S most unlike a supermodel to bite off more than she can chew, but Kate Moss appears to be guilty of doing just that.

Get thee to The Priory

The story goes (as told by the Express) that very recently Miss Moss gave her new boyfriend an ultimatum: “Check into rehab or I’m gone!”

To many men, the threat of losing the companionship of the best thing to come out of Croydon since the A23 would be too much to bear, and they’d be hotfooting into the model’s old room at The Priory Clinic, London.

Problem is that Kate’s lover is the former Libertines’ front man Pete Doherty, a rum cove with something of a reputation for liking hard drugs.

What’s more, while Kate was away at a glitzy fashion party in Paris, the Mirror reports that Pete was playing with his new band Babyshambles in a hall in Islington, London.

And judging by the pictures of him that appear in all the papers, he was not overly worried by Moss’s ultimatum.

As his eyes roll back in his head in the Mail so only the whites are visible, the Express hears that his girlfriend’s final word may not be all that final.

“I know people are saying he’s no good for me,” the paper claims Moss said, “but I can’t help myself. There’s just something about him. I keep going back.”

But let us not be too hard on her – a supermodel going back for seconds and thirds is something truly wonderful to behold.

Although, the sweaty, glassy-eyed mess she’s got on her plate doesn’t look all that appetising…’

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