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Les Grandes Vacances

by | 2nd, February 2005

‘TIRED of today’s diet of vengeful ex-wives and troubled showbiz relationships, it’s time for a simple tale of love.

”Je vais, je vais et je viens”

And what better romance to lighten the mood than the one that has captivated our hearts and minds ever since Sophie said yes to her Prince Edward?

So in love are these two that they rarely seem to venture out in public, preferring to spend hours in each other’s company, mooning into each other’s eyes.

But they were out and about the other day, walking unaided through the streets of London and taking time to enrol on a course at the renowned Institut Francais in South Kensington.

The Mail carries a picture of the loved-up pair emerging from the language school in the possession of a beginners’ French grammar book, a pocket dictionary and a green loose-leaf folder, the contents of which remain a beguiling mystery.

But why French? To answer that, the paper asks an insider, who says that the pair have friends in France and “they very much love the country”.

“They go there quite a lot on holiday and they thought it would be useful, not only for that, but also for their work.”

And since their work seem to be taking holidays, Eddie and his tireless wife seem to have hit upon the perfect way to combine their hobby with their jobs.

Before long, we are sure that with their fine wits and ready minds both will be conversing in the language of great lovers.

As they order another bottle of vin, a chambre at a top hotel and officially open a croissant to much fanfare and excitement…’

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