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by | 3rd, February 2005

‘PRINCESS Diana might have retired from public life, but her name lives on in the form of the famed Circle of Tears.

Watch as the little blue brick journeys through Diana’s life

Those who have seen the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in London’s Hyde Park – and lived to tell the tale – have been uniformly impressed by its majesty.

But even this watery celebration of Her life can be improved upon and so it came to pass that workmen arrived yesterday to make improvements.

The Mirror was there to see men in hard hats and broken hearts arrive to equip the landmark with a new drainage system to wash away the tears of her many fans.

There is also to be tougher turf and a new path along which the 5,000 visitors a day that come to see the world’s most famous gutter can wander along as they contemplate what Di would have looked like in this season’s fashions.

As Royal Parks spokesman Theo Moore wisely says: “When work is finished it will be a special place of relaxation and remembrance for years to come.”

And an open-air urinal for the more adventurous…’

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