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The Truth Is Out There

by | 3rd, February 2005

‘A PROPHET is not without honour, the Gospel says, save in his own country and his own house.

”Pull the other one”

And the journalists who this morning mock Robert Kilroy-Silk should know that they are merely the modern-day equivalent of the crowds who taunted the crucified Jesus.

Kilroy may not claim to be the Son of God – more a good friend and close adviser – nor has he (yet) announced plans to start his own religion.

But he did yesterday launch his own political party – Veritas – at a press conference that he assured us will “change Britain forever”.

So why are the Pharisees of Fleet Street so sceptical about the coming of this new Messiah?

Indeed, they are positively lining up this morning to torment the man who has come to save us from the asylum seekers who apparently want to steal our country from us.

The Times says the permatanned former talkshow host broke his promise that he would always tell the truth when he announced: “This is not a one-man party.”

“It was,” the paper says, “the first in an impressive array of misleading statements at a press conference that was devoted to the truth or, since we all speak Latin now, veritas.”

Or perhaps not, for the Independent reveals that Kilroy is not even leader of his own party.

That distinction belongs to his researcher Anthony Bennett, a man whose only other claim to fame is as author of a pamphlet accusing the prophet Mohammed of being a paedophile.

Why this should be we do not know, for the straight-talking Kilroy gave no answer in the “rhythmic, self-righteous speech” (Indy) that oozed out of him at yesterday’s press conference.

Instead, he revealed that the People had demanded that He – and only He – could save them.

“When I go to northern market towns,” he explains, “they come up to me – ordinary people – and they say, ‘We won’t vote. Not unless you stand. Then we’ll vote.’

“And Muslims come up to me. They say, ‘Why do they ban Christmas carols? We want to sing Christmas carols.’”

Nor was this friend of carol-singing Muslims to be distracted by metropolitan smart-arse journalists asking him whether his tan was veritas.

“I know you come with your agenda,” our hero said. “I understand your agenda. I know about that, remember. I’ve been around a long time.

“What you have to understand is that we reach beyond you.”

And with that Kilroy reached for his neck and peeled off his orange mask to reveal none other than…David Icke.’

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