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Driven To Distraction

by | 3rd, February 2005

‘POLICE have recently introduced roadside drugs tests for motorists suspected of driving under the influence of prohibited substances.


Drivers will have to perform a series of co-ordination tests such as standing on one leg and touching their nose to prove to the cops that they are fit to be in charge of a motor vehicle.

But perhaps the police should look to introduce spelling tests as well.

A report in this morning’s Telegraph concludes that dyslexia slows a driver’s reactions far more than drinking a couple of pints of beer.

A study discovered that dyslexics reacted to traffic signals on average between 22 and 32% slower than a control group. Drivers who had had two pints of beer were only 10% slower.

However, Carol Youngs, of the British Dyslexic Association, said it would be unfair to penalise dyslexics because of this.

“Everyone has to do their driving test,” she said, “including a theory test which already puts dyslexics at a disadvantage because they have problems with the written word rather than symbols and signs.”

There is also a practical difficulty about roadside tests – it presupposes that we can find a policeman who can spell.’

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