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The Tipping Point

by | 4th, February 2005

‘THE tipping system in the United States might seem like one giant con to get tourists to pay the wages of staff whom the Yanks themselves are too tight to support.

Time to tighten that belt

And that’s because it is.

Every palm with which you come into contact in the land of the free seems to require greasing, so much so that you can easily empty your wallet just getting from your car to your hotel room.

But at least the recipients of our largesse are democratic – they are as unimpressed with our tips as they are with the tips of their own.

And the Independent says waiters and waitresses are prepared to get their own back on patrons who do not show them enough appreciation by naming and shaming the tightwads.

For instance, has an STD message board – or Shitty Tipper Database.

There, we learn that R&B singer Usher is “nothing more than an arrogant, spoiled snot” who once left a tip of only 10%.

Actor Sean Penn left no tip on a $450 meal in New Orleans, while Britney Spears also failed to pay up on a $96 bill.

Howard Stern, by contrast, once left a $300 on a $600 bill – which it seems is about the minimum required to avoid being chased down the street by the waitress.

Annarito Sasso, owner of an Italian restaurant in the Lower East Side, said her staff frequently had to chase Europeans down the street because they failed to tip properly.

Perhaps if she started to pay her staff properly, they wouldn’t have to bother…’

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