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For Pete’s Sake

by | 7th, February 2005

‘KATE Moss cannot see 30 years into the future – if she did she would see the face of Marianne Faithfull staring back at her.

Pete begs for one more chance

But who would she see by her side? Who would be bringing her a cup of tea in the morning and fetching her ashtray in the evening?

Not Pete Doherty, we suspect. Not only is the singer likely to be worm food by then, but even if he isn’t his supermodel lover won’t still be around.

The Star claims Moss can’t even wait for her junkie boyfriend to get out of Pentonville prison, where he has spent the weekend amid accusations of robbery and blackmail.

A source tells the paper that the short-lived relationship could be at an end.

”Kate tried to let him down gently for fear of what he might do to himself,” he said. ”But she’s now had enough.”

Presumably, however, this is not the same source who tells the Mirror that the model will contribute to the £150,000 bail money to get him out of prison.

”Kate is despairing of Pete and doesn’t know if she can stand much more,” this friend says. ”But the bottom line is she loves him and wants to help Pete beat drugs.”’

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