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Sins Of The Flesh

by | 7th, February 2005

‘IF you’re prouder than Tony Blair posing with a bowl of mealy meal in an African refugee shelter, then don’t worry – you are still going to Heaven.

Let he who has the best aim throw the first stone

It’s all change in the world of sins, as a BBC poll of 1,001 adults reveals.

The worst sin you can commit, the single thing that will send you into an eternity of being spit roasted on Beelzebub’s Bar-B-Q is to call your child Isabel or Jack.

Oh, what’s that? It’s not, you say. What about selling the rights to your wedding photos to a chocolate firm and then eating the flaky treats for a celebrity mag’s cameras? Surely that’s setting a course for damnation? No?

What about pleasuring a pig? Quoting extracts from The Office, Monty Python or – God forbid – Little Britain? Eating nachos covered with cheese while speaking in a loud Italian voice in a North London cinema?

No!? So what is?

Well, for you sinners out there, the Guardian says the new list of don’ts runs in order of worst to not so terrible: cruelty, adultery, bigotry, dishonesty, hypocrisy, greed and selfishness.

Oh, and being called Noel Edmonds…’

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