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Wiping Pooh

by | 8th, February 2005

‘THE penny-pinching politicians probing the Royal finances should know that Prince Charles’s bottom doesn’t wipe itself.

A bear bum

In fact, it takes a lot of money and manpower to keep the regal seat spick, span and the credit to this ancient nation that it is.

If only Kerry McPadding had followed Charles’s example, she would not have ended up with Pooh on her bum.

And nor would she have had to pay a visit to a tattooist to try to get it removed.

The Sun reports that the one-time Queen of the Jungle went to get the tattoo of Winnie The Pooh (her nickname for the former Westlife star) removed from her right buttock.

The offending design is of the bear with very little brain above the word Bryan (since crossed out and replaced with Brian).

As she left the tattoo parlour in her hometown of Warrington, the Star says she slapped her bum and shouted: ”Goodbye, Brian.”

From that, we assume that the picture of Pooh remains – he’s just now a bear with very little Brian.’

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