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Poll Dancer

by | 10th, February 2005

‘TO the many reasons not to vote Tory at the next election we were this week able to add Michael Howard’s dancing.

Best Urban Act 2007

For those of you who didn’t see the pictures of the Tory leader in action, this morning’s Sun kindly reprints the most incriminating ones.

And it even provides a guide to his ”batty bop”, which it says ”threatens to unseat David Brent’s dance in TV’s The Office as one of the most embarrassing jigs in history”.

However, if you need a reminder of other reasons not to vote Tory, then who better to ask than the Tory party itself?

The Mirror has got its hands on a party training manual designed to help candidates handle possible criticisms from voters.

They include ”You are all anti-women – I can’t stand that”; ”Conservatives don’t care about public services”; ”Thatcher destroyed the economy” and ”Conservatives can’t win”.

Oh, and ”My dad dances better than that Malcolm Howard”.’

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