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Battle Of The Bands

by | 11th, February 2005

‘DISCUSSION is no doubt already raging in pubs and working men’s clubs the length and breadth of this rain-sodden land over whether Camilla should wear Antony Price or Tomasz Starzewski.

Kevin was a keen advocate of bullying, racism, homophobia…

Of rather less interest is what Charles will wear.

Bookies are offering short odds that it will be a suit, slightly longer odds that he will wear the same naval uniform he wore to his first wedding and still longer odds that he will come dressed as a tampon.

The real thing in question is how many wristbands he will be wearing.

After all, no Guardian reader, among whom the Prince likes to number himself, can now leave their house without at least six bands around their wrist.

Indeed, there are so many wristbands in circulation that the paper this morning provides its readers with a helpful guide to wearing your heart – and your conscience – under your sleeve.

A white one is anti-poverty, blue is anti-bullying, yellow is anti-cancer, black and white is anti-racism, orange is in support of the Ukrainian revolution and black is the anti-wristband wristband.

In addition, ermine is pro-fox hunting, green is anti-GM foods, copper is anti-arthritis, purple is backstage at the Brits, red is Thursdays at Ritzy…’

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