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We Say, You Pay

by | 11th, February 2005

‘AS well as choosing April 8th as a wedding day because of its auspicious position in the Chinese calendar, Prince Charles no doubt had another consideration in mind.

”And here’s your host…”

The Guardian points out that the wedding will take place in the very week that Tony Blair is expected to announce his intention to hold a General Election on May 5th.

And we cannot be sure that the desire to get Sir Michael Fawcett to hold the Royal member while it pissed on the PM’s chips was not completely absent from Charles’s mind.

If further confirmation were needed that Our Beloved Leader’s mind is already on his four-yearly popularity contest, he appeared yesterday as a guest on Richard & Judy.

There, he subjected himself to a gruelling interview on such topics as the impending royal marriage, his failure to buy flowers for his wife Cherie and his favourite recipe for Victoria Sponge.

At the end of which, the Telegraph says, he took part in the show’s quiz, You Say, We Pay, in which he had to try to guess the identity of six objects or personalities from clues given by a viewer.

We regret to say that the Prime Minister didn’t cover himself in glory, getting only one question right unaided.

Which comes as something of a surprise to us here at Anorak – after all, for the past eight years he’s been hosting a variation of the game called We Say, You Pay…’

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