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Jukebox Jury

by | 15th, February 2005

‘MOST of us only get to see superstars from a cheap seat at the back of a massive arena, but the jurors on the Michael Jackson case are in for a treat.

”Come off it, Jacko. Diana Ross! More like Ross Kemp”

While the Sun says that Jackson is set to call two of his children, Paris and Prince Michael, to the stand, the Mirror sees the list of other stars being asked to stand up for the singer in court.

They are: Liz Taylor, Stevie Wonder, American TV’s Larry King, Quincy Jones, basketball star Kobe Bryant, David Blane, Uri Geller and Barry Gibb.

There is also the possibility of seeing our own celebrity news reporter Martin Bashir being sworn in, the man whose profile of Jackson’s life sparked off the investigation.

Whether they are called has yet to be confirmed but, if they do speak in Jackson’s defence, they will surely be taking a risk in being associated with a man accused of such low acts.

But no-one will be in more peril than one other potential witness: Diana Ross.

She looks so much like Jackson that in the showbiz scrum she may find herself in the dock by mistake.

She should tread carefully…’

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