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Years Of Abuse

by | 15th, February 2005

‘THE string of women now queuing up to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual molestation has been a painful experience for us here at Anorak.

Laugh and the world…wonders why

For it has awakened our own long-suppressed memories of abuse at the hands of the 67-year-old comedian.

Even now we find it difficult to talk about openly but in the interests of healing – and the $200m we are demanding in compensation – we will do our best.

The abuse happened at the same time every week over a period of about a decade – on Channel 4 at 6 o’clock, as we remember.

And, like other victims who relate their experiences to the National Enquirer, we also recall a feeling akin to being drugged.

Try as we might, for the full half an hour that The Cosby Show was on air we couldn’t get our mouth even to form a smile, let alone a laugh.

As you will no doubt appreciate, even saying the show’s name is a traumatic experience for us, let alone recalling every episode of the abuse.

However, we hope that by sharing our pain with you we will encourage others who also suffered at Cosby’s hands to come forward.

This man is a monster and must never be allowed on our TV screens again…’

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