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Fake Breasts

by | 15th, February 2005

‘IF you can’t rely on the National Enquirer to uphold traditional American standards of morality and decency, then who can you rely on?

Something old, something borrowed and something blue

It is a question we are left pondering after being exposed to a picture of a woman suffering from what can only be described as a wardrobe malfunction in this week’s magazine.

Worse still, the woman exposing not one but two bare breasts looks suspiciously like former virgin Britney Spears, the moral touchstone of America’s youth, a woman so God-fearing that she has a marriage certificate for every man she has ever kissed.

If the sight of Janet Jackson’s star-clad nipple at last year’s Superbowl could corrupt a whole generation of American children, what damage could Britney’s bare breasts do?

It truly doesn’t bear thinking about, which is why we are glad to learn that the picture is a hoax to which only thousands of Americans were exposed.

Photographer Eric Striffler reveals that the breasts in question belong to a model called Emily and thus are relatively harmless.

“We were just shooting some tasteful glamorous shots,” he said. “It was only later that we realised how much they looked like Britney.”

A spokesman for Britney said stripping “is not an option at this point of her career”.

In the meantime, the only person who will see Britney naked is her husband.

So you’ll just have to wait your turn…’

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