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Capital’s Hot Spots

by | 16th, February 2005

‘THE Queen should be thankful that her second son Prince Andrew was not in residence when the thermal imaging shot of Buckingham Palace which adorns this morning’s papers was taken.

And at once Prince Harry knew he was back home from his trip

Had Randy Andy been tucked up with whatever young thing he had lured back to his rooms, we have no doubt that he would have generated enough heat to turn one whole side of the palace white.

As it is, the Guardian is pretty appalled by the amount of heat emerging from the Queen’s official residence, which came bottom in an energy efficiency survey of London’s public buildings.

A spokeswoman for the Palace insists that this is something the Queen takes very seriously – in between episodes of Kirsty’s Home Videos.

Some of the windows had been double-glazed, she said, and a number of other green initiatives, including the use of energy-saving lightbulbs, were in place.

However, Stuart Little, from thermal imaging firm IRT, said: “You would hope these buildings would serve as an example, but it is obvious no thought has been given to them.

“With some simple insulation and double glazing, the Queen could easily halve her heating bill.”

Other energy-saving measures include recycling the hot air that comes out of Prince Charles’s mouth, fitting solar panels to Prince Edwards’ bonce…’

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