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Egg On Her Face

by | 17th, February 2005

‘WHAT better way to boost staff morale, thought bosses at Zurich Financial Services, than to hold a mock school sports day.

The risk of salmonella only adds to the thrill

And so one day in August 2001 the 60 employees trudged down to a playing field in Swindon to recreate their childhood.

They were split into two teams of 30, with each team member volunteering to participate in certain events, which included face painting, a sack race and a penalty shoot-out.

When it came time for the egg and spoon race, Sarah Cutler, a 27-year-old video display unit operator, put her hand up to take part.

And her confidence in her ability in the race, where brisk walking but no running was permitted, was not misplaced – she won her heat and qualified for the final.

Then disaster struck. Light rain had fallen just before the final was run (or rather brisk walked), but the wet grass was considered safe.

Unfortunately, Miss Cutler did not have her wet weather studs with her and as she neared the finishing line she slipped on to her back and fractured her sternum.

It is, as any egg and spoon aficionado will tell you, the most common injury associated with the sport – but Miss Cutler was anything but philosophical.

And, reports the Telegraph, she duly sued her employer for failing in its duty of care.

Her lawyer Matthew White argued that “grass is not an unsuitable surface for carrying out a race on, but wet grass is”.

“There is a risk you will fall,” he said.

In this, he is undoubtedly right. Indeed, such is the nature of gravity, that there is also a risk you can fall while, say, walking up the stairs at home.

But the court didn’t see it that way.

Recorder Michael Tennant dismissed Miss Cutler’s claim.

“The claimant did not run, even if she had to try and walk fast,” he said. “Regrettably, she fell and was injured. It was an accident.”’

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