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A Sorry Mess

by | 17th, February 2005

‘WHEN you have an accident, it is only right and proper to say sorry. Even when you don’t have an accident, you should say sorry.

It could be you

Indeed, whatever and whomever you’ve done or not done, however, whyever or wherever you did or didn’t do it (or them), you should say sorry.

Take a lead from Our Beloved Leader, who issues apologies with even greater readiness than he issues passports to dodgy Indian businessmen.

And not from Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, who continues to have difficulty getting the word to issue from his mouth.

The Indy says Ken is sticking to his guns despite a plea by the bosses of London’s Olympic bid and even Tony Blair himself.

Mr Blair told a Channel Five audience (if that is not an oxymoron): “It’s difficult sometimes in politics, but occasionally you have got to know when to say sorry and that’s the only way of dealing with it.”

And he should know…’

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