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by | 18th, February 2005

‘“WE can show the world that British people can really put on the greatest show on earth.”

Liz hopes to win gold – and some platinum

The words of Elton John, celebrity funeral singer, wig wearer extraordinaire and the British newspapers’ favourite gay man.

In light of the news of Charles and Camilla’s downsized wedding in Windsor Town Hall, Elton’s words seem more based on hope than on any firm grasp of reality.

Perhaps with the singer-songwriter on the decks commanding the aged to get on their feet for “a little bit of this, a little bit of that and shake your ass (clap clap clap clap)”, the wedding will be a big hit.

However, we’re surprised to learn that Elton’s words are not aimed at the royal wedding at all, but, the Mirror reports, at the bid to bring the Olympic Games to London in 2012.

What better person indeed to celebrate modern day sport and record-braking athletic endeavour than a man who has taken lots and lots of drugs.

And what better way to follow Elton than with Mick Jagger, the old rocker whose dad Joe, now aged 93, officiated when the Games were last in the capital in 1948.

“I’m personally very proud to lend my support to the bid,” says Mick. “There’s a family tradition of supporting the Olympics.”

Amen to that, says that other great athlete of the age, Sir Ian McKellen.

“I really hope London gets its chance to throw a fantastic party for the world in the theatres, the streets, on the river, as well as in the arenas and sports fields.”

While someone whispers in the actor’s ear that the Games are first and last a sports event – albeit with some fireworks and the occasional skydiver – and have yet to embrace live theatre, the bid is given a further boost by the support of yet another of our top sports personalities.

It’s Liz Hurley, naturally, and she says: “It would be fantastic.”

Ah, that it would, Liz. And we are all hoping that London gets the nod. So come on everyone lets back the bid. And that includes you Keith Richards, Jonny Vegas, Lisa Riley…’

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