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Sons And Daughters

by | 18th, February 2005

‘WHILE Mick Jagger makes like a running, hopping, jumping Jack Flash, one of his brood is doing her best to promote the cause.

”With my dad’s lips and your dad’s liver, we can achieve anything…”

And that cause is Elizabeth Jagger, the gawky model whom the Mirror calls “stunning”.

Having bravely set out to prove that a famous dad and mum need not be a barrier to success, the game girl has been spotted snogging Calum Best.

At a do thrown by the designer Matthew Williamson, the paper hears an insider say how after eyeing up the talent, Best made his move on a tipsy Elizabeth…

“Then he almost carried her to the stairs, so they could get intimate away from prying eyes.”

That was very decent of footballer George Best’s son – the last thing either of this pair needs is to be splashed all over the papers in a clinch.

Especially Best, who has been carving out a career as something or other for some years now.

As the Mail hears him tell one girl: “My dad is George Best. He’s famous for being a footballer. I’m famous for s******g women.”

Of course he’s being modest. His dad is also famous for being difficult to live with and an alcoholic.

And Calum is famous for having been seen snogging Elizabeth Jagger at a party thrown by the designer Matthew Williamson…

As legend has it, he then almost carried her to the stairs…’

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