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Read This And Yawn

by | 21st, February 2005

‘BOOKIES were among those toasting the new arrival yesterday after not a single person managed to guess the name of the latest Beckham boy.

”Not the bloody Beckhams again”

But that won’t stop us all speculating on what a fourth child may be called.

And we at Anorak are putting out money on…Yawn.

The Sun reports that scientists have proved that yawning is so contagious that just seeing the word can set us off.

Finnish research chief Dr Martin Schurmann tested a group by showing them a picture of stars such as Michael Schumacher yawning and scanned their brains at the same time.

He concluded that if one person yawns, there is a 60% chance that others around them will copy them.

Coincidentally, this is exactly the same percentage that will yawn at the mere mention of the name Beckham…’

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