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Bowled Over

by | 21st, February 2005

‘PRINCESS Diana often used to wonder what it was in Camilla Parker Bowles that caused Prince Charles to break his marriage vows.

”Get out of the fucking way, Your Majesty’, I think you mean’

Camilla wasn’t as thin as her, the Queen of Hearts complained, nor did she have her looks, her dress sense or her membership of the Harbour Club.

All of which was true, but Diana should have known that in aristocratic circles there is something that is prized far higher than a beautiful face, well-toned thighs and the latest Catherine Walker dress – horsemanship.

And Camilla, as we learn in Hello!’s 56-page special Royal Wedding souvenir edition this week!, has it in spades.

Indeed, one friend reveals that ‘she can take her horse at full gallop over an eight-foot hedge’ – the titled equivalent of being able to wrap your ankles around your head.

If that were not enough to make the griffin on any blue-blooded male’s coat of arms rampant, then Camilla’s biographer Christopher Wilson has more – she swears like a trooper.

”Get out the fucking way,’ she roared recently at a lame-duck horseman whose positioning stopped her from going full-tilt over a jump while riding with the Beaufort Hunt,’ he reports.

Such a combination of a foul mouth and saddle-worn seat is like Viagra to Prince Charles.

‘The Prince – hesitant sometimes, too forceful at others, timid and yet vainglorious, is a complex animal,’ Wilson says.

‘As with other high-profile men, what he has always needed is the right woman behind him.’

Shouting at him to get out the fucking way…’

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