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Kidd’s Play

by | 21st, February 2005

‘IF Prince Charles and Camilla get 56 pages and Jennie Briggs gets five, then how many pages should Hello! devote to Jodie Kidd’s engagement.

‘Now where did I put that dress?’

It’s the kind of conundrum that the magazine has to wrestle with every week – and the answer, it seems, is four.

That’s enough space to see Jodie show off her new brunette hair and to talk about life as the face of Monsoon.

And it even gives Hello! the chance to find out how the preparations for her wedding to 27-year-old businessman Aidan Butler are going.

‘I’ve chosen the florist,’ says Jodie, ‘and done the guest list and, of course, I’ve got the dress. I did that early on. Talk about getting your priorities straight. [Laughs.]

‘But it was a sensible thing to do because I reasoned that if I had the dress, whatever happened I could marry Aidan any time, any place – and, at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing to me.’

Yes, because so many wedding venues these days won’t let a couple get hitched if the bride is wearing the wrong dress…’

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