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O Brother, Why Art Thou?

by | 21st, February 2005

‘IT’S often said that such-and-such a star is the UK’s answer to the American original.

Daniel Baldwin

Too often this British-born answer is so pale an imitation of the American idol that it appears to be utterly transparent or at best dead.

But after a long wait we believe that we have turned the tables on our American cousins and can now say with no little amount of pride that we got our Paul Ross before they got theirs.

While Jonathon’s Ross’s less talented, fatter brother appears this side of the Pond in Celebrity Fit Club, over there Alec Baldwin’s younger brother Daniel is doing his bit to shed the pounds.

Just like our Paul I, their Paul II is, as the report says, a bit of a loudmouth. Dubbed the ‘scourge’ the show, Daniel has apparently not exactly endeared himself to the programme’s crew.

Harvey Walden, who stars in both the UK and US versions of the show, says that he and the less famous Baldwin brother have had a row or several.

As Marisa Peer, the show’s on-air hypnotherapist, explains: ‘When you have an older brother like Alec Baldwin who is good-looking and a big star, there’s a need to feel significant.’

(Ditto, Paul and his younger brother.)

‘It must be awful to go through life when all people want to know about is your brother. That’s a horrible thing to have to live with.’

And so it must be – for Daniel as it is for Paul…’

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