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Appetite For Destruction

by | 22nd, February 2005

‘LET’S join hands and pray that George Bush doesn’t wake up this morning to read how Sudan 1 is creating a growing food panic in the UK.

Weapon of mass destruction?

Despite the protestations from Dr Condoleezza Rice and other aides that Sudan 1 is an illegal food dye, it’s not overly hard to imagine Bush adding it to his notorious axis of evil and bombing the crap out of the place – again.

Dye! Dye! Dye!

But no amount of bombs can alleviate the suffering of the British people who, as the Times reports on its front page, are in the grip of a food scandal of growing proportions.

The Food Standards Agency is trying to trace foodstuffs contaminated with the dreaded Sudan 1 additive and yesterday added a further 60 brands to the list of banned foods.

That list, which now runs to over 400 products, is reproduced over an entire page in the Telegraph.

And we note the inclusion of a vat of McDonald’s dressings, Somerfield’s GI Mexican Chicken Wrap and Tesco’s American Ribs.

Noting that lot, the call for an American offensive against Sudan 1 can only grow stronger.

And it’ll send out a strong message to the evil folks, especially those in Sudan 2, Sudan 3, Sudan 4, Sudan 5…’

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