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The Name’s Blob

by | 23rd, February 2005

‘EAMONN Holmes is not the only one who has put on a few pounds over the years – so has Sean Connery.

”Dr Sultan, we meet at last”

At least, so says Dr Burton Sultan, who sounds like he should be a James Bond baddie but is actually the father of the man who lives next door to Connery in Manhattan.

He says that far from being the sexiest man alive the Scot is a ”rude, foul-mouthed, fat, old man” who plays loud music at all hours.

And, this being America, the Sun says the Sultans are suing for £15m, claiming that renovation work at the 74-year-old’s £2m apartment was making their life hell.

Dr Burton has complained of ”deafening noise, fumes, dripping water, cracked walls and an infestation of rats”.

To say nothing of a succession of exotic women traipsing through the front door, closely followed by stereotypical megalomaniacs intent on taking over the world…’

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