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Hacked Off

by | 24th, February 2005

‘AS we wonder whether Ann Widdecombe sports a pair of oranges, grapefruits or shrivelled prunes under her blouse, a thought occurs to us.

”Lemons – two a penny”

How are we to tell what kind of personality a woman has if they are not gracious enough to afford us a peek at their, well, peaks?

It is a problem that greater minds than ours have wrestled with and we are glad to say that Paris Hilton has come up with an answer.

She has decided to make pictures of her breasts available to everyone with an Internet connection by having them ”stolen” from her mobile phone.

The Sun says hackers somehow managed to crack the security code on the phone and gain access to topless pictures of our favourite hotel heiress snogging MTV star Eglantina Zingg.

”I can’t believe it – it’s a terrible invasion of privacy,” Paris said. ”Eglantina and I were joking around. It wasn’t sexual.”

Having studied the pictures of Paris’s breasts closely, we can confirm that they are petite and pert and shaped like lemons.

Over to Signor Lorenzoni…

”These women are full of life and can laugh at themselves,” he says. ”They want a balanced life full of surprises.”

And what could be more surprising than Paris, who has built a whole career on the back of her sex video, accidentally leaving her mobile phone lying around…’

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