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A Fruitless Endeavour

by | 24th, February 2005

‘NO sooner has Jamie Oliver started working at the school canteen than a dinner lady quits.

‘Have you got any donkey left?’

The Guardian reports that Kate Steggles, 40, found it impossible to carry on dishing out the slops and gruel at Newton Ferris primary school, near Plymouth.

She tried to improve things. She bought fresh produce from a local farmer. She used fresh milk and wholemeal pastas. She even backed her own flapjacks with real fruit, real seeds and real oats.

‘You do not need to unzip a packet, you can cook something in virtually the same time and with the same money,’ says she.

‘It just takes thinking about – the food doesn’t have to be organic, it just has to be real.’

But her adventures in cooking were as fruitless as the so-called apple pie children are usually served.

She resigned because she could not bring herself to serve the food she was supposed to.

Leaving the children to stomach the awful grub – and the rest of to stomach the aforesaid Oliver…’

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