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Kat With No Cream

by | 27th, February 2005

‘VICTORIA Beckham has a new baby, Emma Bunton has a new album and Jessie Wallace has a new body.

Run for the hills!

So much excitement and only 146 pages – how do those clever people at OK! cram it all in?

The answer is, of course, that now that Jessie Wallace has slimmed down from a size 16 to a perfect 10, there is more room for everyone else between the covers of this week’s magazine.

But first Jessie wants to share with us the secrets of her amazing weight loss (and the contents of her MFI wardrobe) over 16 carbohydrate-free pages.

And the secret of Jessie’s diet is…she’s not on a diet.

”I’m just eating the right things and not eating rubbish,” she explains. ”I’m steering away from too many carbs, I eat tons of fish, chicken salads and I’ve cut out sweet things.”

Now, that may sound like a diet to you and us, but not to Jessie who thinks ”you can get too obsessed with diets”.

”I give myself a break every two weeks or so,” she explains, ”and pig out every other Sunday, otherwise I’d get too bored.”

But it’s not just Jessie’s non-diet diet that keeps her thin – she’s on the treadmill as often as she can.

”It’s at home in front of TV,” she explains. ”It can get boring, but when you start seeing results it makes you more determined.”

Perhaps she should stop running when EastEnders is on…

But there is yet another secret to Jessie’s transformation from human butter mountain to, er, human butter ball.

Jessie has also shed quite a few pounds worrying about global poverty, to which end she proudly sports in one photo a Make Poverty History wristband.

And it is not a cause that she pays just wrist service to.

In the accompanying photoshoot, for instance, she shows her support for the Bangladeshi textile industry by wrapping her newly svelte body in the spring range from George at Asda.’

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