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Chelsy’s Blues

by | 28th, February 2005

‘THE revolution in the Church of England will not televised.

When Camilla stripped, all eyes turned to Chelsy

That’s the lead story in today’s Express, which tells how the Queen has banned TV cameras from relaying images of her boy Charles getting married to his Camilla.

Those opposed to the marriage of the heir to the throne – and so too to the title of Defender Of The Faith – to his long-time mistress will not be able to see the deed being done.

And neither will Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

The Express (“Harry wants all the world to see him with Chelsy”) says that Prince Charles is agonising over whether to invite Harry’s lover to the do.

But the Sun sys he need not bother fretting because the blonde has not been invited and will not be invited.

A Royal source tells the paper that Chelsy being there was never an option – there was a fear that her presence would deflect attention away from the bride and groom.

Surely the philandering Prince and his lover would be delighted to have eyes turned off them. Or, indeed, to have had someone else in the room with them when they marry.

With the general public and Chelsy uninvited, and the Queen not going, there is a real fear that the town hall could be as empty as one of Charles’s wedding vows…’

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