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by | 28th, February 2005

‘FOR a country that is so uptight about sex that the sight of a nipple can cause a moral panic, America has a remarkably enlightened view of sex education.

”I’ll be taking you for geography”

Instead of fannying around putting condoms on a banana, kids in the United States can expect to get practical demonstrations of the art of reproduction from their teachers.

Every school, it appears, is expected to hire a shapely blonde 24-year-old shoes job it is to educate the nation’s teenagers in the ways of love.

Nor is there any trouble recruiting these women – they have all posed in their underwear astride a motorbike for magazines with names like Makes And Models and Birds And Bikes.

Unfortunately for the women, the next time they pose is usually for a police mugshot – for these sex education classes are as illegal as they are widespread.

All of which is good news for the National Enquirer as it publishes the before and after pictures of two such women, the latest to be caught in ”a string of sex scandals which have stunned the US”.

Twenty-four-year-old blonde gym teacher Pamela Turner, for instance, faces 100 years in jail for bedding a 13-year-old basketball student.

And that comes just two months after 24-year-old blonde reading teacher Debra Lafave was arrested by police for having sex with a 14-year-old pupil – at school, at her home and in her car.

She is pleading that she was temporarily insane when she started the affair with a boy she had got to know on a class trip.

But, says the Enquirer, ”the sordid allegations have sparked fears that children are no longer safe in American classrooms”.

And caused truancy rates suddenly to drop to their lowest levels ever…’

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