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Axis To Grind

by | 1st, March 2005

‘PIERS Morgan doesn’t appear to have learnt much from his sacking as editor of the Daily Mirror.

You wouldn’t make him up

His memoirs appear to be as reliable as the pictures he published of British soldiers supposedly torturing Iraqi prisoners.

The Guardian reports that the man, who is by his own admission “a rather cocky little git”, suffers from the same problems of recollection as Tony Blair.

While our Prime Minister recalls watching Jackie Milburn play for his beloved Newcastle United from inside his mother’s womb, Morgan claims to have made a joke about President Bush’s “axis of evil” a couple of months before it was even coined.

The paper says that in his diary (for which he was apparently paid £1.2m) he claims to have referred to Cherie Blair and her then PR adviser Fiona Millar as “the real axis of evil” at a Downing Street lunch in November 2001.

But the phrase was first used – to refer to Iran, Syria and North Korea – by President Bush in his State of the Union address two months later, in January 2002.

How could this be when Morgan is said to have kept meticulous diaries throughout his career?

And if that were the case, why did he extensively phone friends and former colleagues to check details and acquire extra colour for his memoirs?

Surely, Piers hasn’t been up to his old tricks again…’

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