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Best Dressed

by | 1st, March 2005

‘STICKING with the Oscars, we say that Clint Eastwood is right – old is good. Tried and tested is the new black.

”I’d like to thank my lucky stars…”

We talk not only of septuagenarian Oscar winners like Clint, but of the more important Oscar news of who wore what and how.

And, as the Mirror notes, it was very much a case of “BACK to the 40s” as the beautiful people sashayed along the red carpet in ballgowns from yesteryear.

Helpfully, the typical Mirror reader dressed in her velour tracksuit and Comfi-Bra need not struggle over which outfit is best because the paper gives each a score out of five.

And the winner is Hilary Swank, dressed in a “clingy, dusky Guy Laroche creation”.

Mirror woman can recreate the look in her own hovel by pulling on her old navy blue dressing gown backwards and tying the belt just below her breasts.

So, congratulations to La Swank and a raucous cheer for Kate Winslet.

The actress used her assets – British, blonde and able to talk in that way all Americans think we barely literate grunting Britons speak – to maximum affect in a “40s-style Badgely Mischka dress with diamante detail”.

This earns her a score of 5/5 in the Mirror. And, indeed, the night got even better for Kate – our Kate – as the Express gives her an award for “BEST HOLLYWOOD MAKE-OVER”.

Beneath a shot of Winslet – our Winslet – in her rather mumsy frock, the paper writes how Kate is now “slimmer and sexier after two babies”.

“Kate may not have stuck gold on the podium,” it says, “but took many honours on the red carpet.”

And for that, a country – Kate’s country – should be proud…’

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