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by | 1st, March 2005

‘IT pains us to learn that Mia Farrow has not spoken to Woody Allen since the pair split in 1992.

Finding out about Woody and Soon-Yi was a shock for Mia

Something must just have snapped within her when Mia discovered that her erudite lover had been discussing the root of his name with her 17-year-old adopted daughter Soon-Yi.

Woody had, to Hello!’s mind, been ”conducting an affair” with the teenage girl – presumably with his Woody-like baton or clarinet.

And just as Mia did not approve of Woody’s antics, neither did Satchel, the one child born of the couple’s relationship.

Now aged 17 himself, Satchel recently went on the record to say how what Woody had done to Soon-Yi was an ”insult” to adopted children everywhere.

”I was talking very philosophically about what it meant morally and why I had elected not to have an on-going relationship with him,” says Satchel, now called Seamus for reasons that are all too obvious.

Continues Seamus: ”I looked at the facts objectively and from a distance and came to my own conclusions.”

And having deliberated, the conclusion Seamus makes is that his father, who later married Soon-Yi, making dear old pop his own brother-in-law, was , er, wrong.

Not for no reason is Seamus on his way to Yale Law where his fine objective mind will specialise in human rights.

And human wrongs…’

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