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Nothing To Report

by | 1st, March 2005

‘FOR six years, Jackie Brambles has been feeding viewers of GMTV a steady diet of schmooz, schmultz and chutzpah.

”I can exclusively report that today is Friday”

She’s been in LA, acting as the broadcaster’s showbiz guru in the know.

And in that time she’s met all the greats. Just listen what she has to tell us about the day she heard her good showbiz chums Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had split.

“I wasn’t going to be able to walk through Brad and Jen’s front door and have them pour out their hearts,” says Jackie, or Jack.

“And we’re not paparazzi so my cameraman and I weren’t going to stalk them around town.”

Quite so. To do so would be to act in a shifty way that may mark you out as a showbiz reporter giving it up to the great unwashed on the QT.

So you know that Jackie did? That’s right – she got an exclusive of her very own.

“I knew the man who trained Brad for the fight scenes in his new film… so I talked to him.” Of course. Oh, for the gift of simple genius.

“Then I spoke to other people who knew the couple to get as well-informed a report as possible.”

Well, not quite as well-informed report as possible, since that would have involved actually asking the main protagonists in this two-hander a question or two.

But Jackie did her best. And next week the woman in the know will give us the low-down on those Oscar hopefuls…’

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