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Face Off

by | 2nd, March 2005

‘IT’LL take more than Jacko’s ”icy glare of pure hatred” to put Martin Bashir off his stroke.

”Not so crowded that there isn’t room for one more?”

The fearless journalist has faced down more hideous foe then the man who sits in a California courthouse accused of molesting a minor.

As we know, Bashir shared an interview room with Princess Diana and did NOT become romantically involved. He’s faced down Michael Barrymore and lived to swim another day.

Is it any wonder then that Jackson’s look of disgust was soon replaced, in the words of the Sun, by a look of deep sorrow?

In the paper’s front-page story ”JACKO V BASHO”, we look on as the intrepid Bashir, now nicknamed ”Trasho Basho”, becomes the first person to give evidence at the so-called trial of this or any other century.

The paper sees Bashir ignore Jackson’s ”look of hate” as he takes the stand.

His testimony, like his TV shows, will be about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the sensational, hold-on-to-your hats-and-noses truth.

And then it was time for the VT to roll and for the world to take another look at Bashir’s 2003 ITV documentary Living With Michael Jackson.

And now Jackson’s face changed. This was, as the Mirror says in headline form, a ”FACE OFF”; and Jackson’s was the first face to off.

As the video plays, the Sun sees Jackson begin to rock back and forth as the strains of his song Smooth Criminal break the tension.

Resisting the urge to grab his crotch – and, for that matter, anybody else’s – and moonwalk over the jurors’ heads, Jackson instead began to drum his fingers on his cheeks.

A risky move? You betcha. Because in moments the accused is in tears, and is soon dabbing his face with what looks like a tissue.

Or, perhaps, some tissue – skin tissue!

And so the tape rolls, the singer weeps, the reporter avoids the singer’s gaze and the show goes on…’

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