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Prince Of Hearts

by | 2nd, March 2005

‘THE lack of a corroborating photo forces us to accept the Express’s word that Prince William kissed his girlfriend ”passionately” outside their Verbier ski chalet.

”This time in 30 years let’s be laughing together”

And since the nylon-clad lovely isn’t wearing a nametag, we’ll have to take it on face value that she is one Kate Middleton, a 22-year-old history of art student.

Of course, if Wills is anything like his dad, the woman with whom he’s sharing a weekend skiing could be any one of a legion of female admirers.

It was all so different many moons ago Prince Charles was in the full flush of youth and on his jolly holidays.

As the Mail reminds us with pictures, back in 1979 when Charles was in Perth, he was the man every woman wanted to get close to.

We once again see that famous moment when Jane Priest dashes through the surf to grab Charles.

And what’s more, we also get to see an unnamed ”admirer” giving Charles a fulsome kiss on the cheek as she tenderly touches his shoulder and dares to dream that one day she will one day be a Princess.

But that was then, and surely things have changed now that Charles is no longer a strapping, hormone-addled 30-year-old bachelor about town.

Er, maybe. And maybe not. For as Charles walks through the Australian city for the first time since the late Seventies, the Mail watches Esperance Vandarham, 62, give him a ”smothering hug”.

After that she declares with brazen candour: ”I kissed him because I love him. I don’t think Camilla will be jealous. They’re both people in love.”

Sure thing. If anyone knows how faithful Charles can be, it is his longstanding mistress.

Realising that, we look again at the shot of Esperance and the man she claims to love. And we note that the embrace is a shared one – Charles places a hand on her shoulder and smiles.

And our mind whirls. Can we dare to think that… No, it’s just too impossible… But we look again at that unnamed mystery ”admirer” of all those years past.

Could it be..?’

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