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Killer Queen

by | 2nd, March 2005

‘IF the Queen spent less time watching Kirsty’s Home Videos and more time in places like Madame Tussaud’s, she may become better acquainted with her subjects.

”And fingers on the fourth and fifth string is an E minor”

Judging by yesterday’s performance, you certainly wouldn’t want Her Madge on your ‘phone a friend’ list if you faced a rock music question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The Telegraph is not alone in surmising that the Queen ”has quite clearly never been a fan of virtuoso electric guitar”.

At a Buckingham Palace reception to celebrate the country’s music industry, she opened with her usual chat-up line to Queen guitarist Brian May – ”So what do you do?”

When he pointed out that he had played the national anthem during the rock concert to celebrate her Golden Jubilee, she replied: ”Oh! That was you, was it?”

”Are you a guitarist too?” she then asked of Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page ”as if addressing a member of the 1st Haywards Heath Scouts Band”.

And then, says the Telegraph, she moved onto Eric Clapton. Old Slow Hands was taking no chances and, shaking the Queen by the hand, he introduced himself by name.

”Have you been playing a long time?” HRH asked of arguably the greatest living guitarist.

No, but I’m hoping to get my grade one next month…’

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