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Down The Hatch

by | 2nd, March 2005

‘IN case anyone was in any doubt that Fathers 4 Justice was anything other than a bunch of losers with a superhero fetish, then read on.

Ten points for hitting the gold target

The Independent reports that Jason Hatch (aka Batman) has recently returned from a fact-finding tour of New York City (aka Gotham City).

While there, he apparently ”staked out” the Empire State Building as part of a plan to start an F4J cell in the land of the free.

And he says he plans to launch the American branch of F4J with a high-profile demonstration on the US mainland.

Nor are the US secret services likely to stop him – apparently a security photo of Hatch at the Empire State refers to him as Hatcher (Spiderman).

”Father have a raw deal in many countries and not just in Britain,” the man who scaled Buckingham Palace told the Indy.

”I might be shot, but then I’m not afraid of dying – I just don’t want to.”

What better example could there be to fathers everywhere – for his two young children to see their dad gunned down on national TV…’

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