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Tally J-Lo!

by | 3rd, March 2005

‘ANOTHER woman whose body we have long been asked to study and deliberate on is Jennifer Lopez.

Get thee to a waxing salon

We have spent days and weeks talking about the star’s backside. Is it too big? Is it just right? Is she lucky that she is the only person who doesn’t ever have to look at it?

But today we get a break from the usual polemic as we turn to the Mail’s story about J-Lo’s shoulders and back, and, more vitally, what is on them.

And the word of the day is “fur”, lots of lively soft fur. But the problem for those who turned out to berate the singer was that J-Lo’s fur was not her own, having once belonged to a fox.

As Lopez celebrated the release of her latest album in New York, the Mail watched members of the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals scream their displeasure.

Around 100 members of Peta held aloft placards bearing the legend “JENNIFER LOPEZ: FUR SCUM” and distributed DVDs of animals being skinned.

“The amount of fur J-Lo has worn recently, and now uses in her clothing line, shows she is blind the horrific cruelty of the fur industry,” says Dawn Carr, a UK director of Peta.

So it would seem. And we suggest that if the peaceful campaign is not working then maybe Peta should make some noise.

Sound the bugles! Arouse the hounds! There’s a fox fur on the loose…’

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