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Good Evans

by | 3rd, March 2005

‘“HERE’S what you’re missing, Chris,” says the front page of the Sun.

‘Knickers to Chris’

And what Chris Evans is missing is, apparently, Billie, his estranged wife, who can be seen lying on a bed in pair of black knickers.

And there is not only the promise of more to come in Bille’s eyes because the paper says that there is more – “BILLIE’S SENSATIONAL NEW PICTURES – SEE PAGE 3”.

Hold tightly onto your copy of Amateur Photographer, folks, because you are one page away from seeing the singer/actress/model in a raunchy pose.

And what with it being Page 3, we dare to think – nay, hope – that Billie will be topless.

And then… Well, there on Page 3 is Billie, Billie’s knickers and Billie’s smouldering look to the camera. But there is no hint of a nipple.

In another picture you can see up Billie’s skirt, which has by the magic of wind and/or flatulence blown up in the air to expose her knicker-clad backside.

But nothing more. And not even a hint of fur…’

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