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Barking Mad

by | 4th, March 2005

‘YOU know things are bad when your pets start killing themselves.

A yelp for help

That’s the grim news in the Independent, which reports on how pet dogs have taken to throwing themselves off a bridge in Scotland.

Animal behaviourists and pet owners are mystified as to why no less than five pet dogs have thrown themselves off an historic bridge in the grounds of Overtoun House, Dumbarton, Scotland.

The advice to keep dogs on a tight leash has come too late for those dog owners who have seen Fido turn for one last time before diving over the parapet and falling 40ft to its death.

“Dogs do not commit suicide,” says Doreen Graham of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, her words flying in the face of what seems to be evidence to the contrary.

“The incidents on the bridge are of very great concern to us because we would like to understand why they are happening.”

We can speculate on the angle of the bridge, how an “optical illusion is enticing the dogs to jump”, as Ms Graham suggests, and plain stupidity, but we fear the true reason is deep-rooted in our society.

Just like that awful pain in poor Mrs Dixon’s shoulder…’

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